Getting back in the groove

Since our first practice back this fall (and with all of our new recruits), we have a fantastic group turning up at practice. Some skaters have been off wheels since childhood, but are getting their groove back with each practice. Vets are helping coach the fresh-meat but are also getting some playtime in. It’s a great time to focus on the newbies but also get some good hitting in!

Drop-Ins always welcome for $5 - come see us!

Posted on October 10, 2018 .

Resuming practice Fall 2018

Wow! what a fantastic turnout for our first day back to practice! We had 7-8 new “freshmeat” skaters and the majority of our vets showed up. It took a little time getting the newbies fitted for gear and getting waivers signed, but we managed to divide and conquer.

This fall, we have the opportunity to utilize Spinning Wheels skating rink in Ogden, IA as our practice facility. It’s a bit further drive than our former location, but our first practice there allowed us to see and experience a warm welcome from the owners and they were even able to assist the newbies with ordering gear directly through them.

It’s not too late to join us!

Posted on September 13, 2018 .

First Win EVER for the Skunk River Riot!

The Skunk River Riot #RoadTripwithRiot to Austin, MN on September 19th resulted in the very first win for the Skunks. We are so happy that we got to play and party with our friends the Southbound Rollers. We would like to thank you all for hosting us. Also, we want send our love to Sister No Mercy and Ginger Baked who played their last bout against us.


Photo by Daryl " Mister Viscous"

Photo by Booty Viscous and the sweaty skunkmates

Photo by Booty Viscous and the sweaty skunkmates

Posted on September 23, 2015 .