Fresh meat progress

I’m happy to share with you that practice last week went very well. Most of the our new recruits have remained dedicated in coming to practice and it’s showing in their progress! We started out getting pushed around a little and by the end of practice were taking some hard hits and remained standing, others are doing fantastic going from learning to skate again to gaining laps each week. Some are working on confidence, some are working on learning the game, some it’s about testing their patience. We are SO PROUD to share this progress with our fans.

We recently had a team meeting. Fall is typically off season for most teams. We made a strong attempt to find opponents to play; however, this time of year that proves to be difficult so the Nov 17th home bout we planned on has been cancelled. It’s disappointing because we LOVE DERBY so much!! But…it will give us plenty of time to focus on our new members and get them ready for spring. Soooooo…in the meantime, we will be getting our Spring 2019 bout schedule set - so keep an eye for us!

Posted on October 15, 2018 .