Oct 17 Practice

Next practice: Wednesday, Oct 24- Spinning Wheels, Ogden, IA. 7-9pm

Our “fresh-meat” are coming along great! They are starting to learn the basics of the game. This practice focused on learning proper positioning while blocking and stopping the jammer (the opposing team’s scoring person - similar to a wide receiver or quarterback in football. They have a STAR on their helmet). There’s also a little time for some fun! Looks like a fun round of LIMBO was played as a warm up. It helps with agility on your skates.

Teammates wearing the same colors are allowed to grab and shove and lean on their own teammates. They may NOT; however, do that to any opposing players. Shoulders, hips, glutes and chest are legal hitting zones. Arms, elbows and heads are not allowed to be used as a form of stopping or blocking the opponent.

Photos by Riot - Nick French

Posted on October 22, 2018 .