Requirements & Fees

You must be 18+ and provide proof of insurance. Derby takes time and commitment. We do expect that members take part in fundraisers, promotional events and attend practice regularly. We can only be successful if we have a team that works and practices together so we encourage skating members to attend 75% of events and practices and non-skating members 50%.

Free 2-Week Trial: For new skaters - try it out, see if this is for you.

*$35/month Skater Fees: For skaters utilizing the gym for practice at any time. *Exemption: 2-Week trial & Drop-In members. *Dues are subject to increase as needs for the club increase.

$5 Drop-In Fee: This is for visiting/non-member skaters (Alumni and the like).


Don't have gear? That's ok. Most people don't automatically have gear to start. We have a limited amount of used/donated/loaned gear in a range of sizes, that you can try. If you plan to purchase new or used gear online, get guidance from an experienced player. It's an investment. Low-end gear can be found at some sporting goods stores. Higher quality gear can be found at a few of our favorite places to shop (see below). Gear can cost anywhere from $250 to sky's the limit depending on new/used, brands, company purchased from, etc. If you get high quality gear, it will last you a long time and take a real beating so it's best not to cheap out where you need the most protection. We suggest waiting until after your 2-Week trial before purchasing any gear. Purchase a little at a time or all at once; whatever your budget allows. There are many "fresh meat" package deals available that offer most of this gear for one price. Skates can often times come already assembled, or if you want to have more choices, pick and choose the parts (boots, plates, trucks, wheels, toe stops - the works!). It's enough to make your head spin and keep all skill levels happy!

Helmet: S1 or Triple 8 are popular brands $30-$50

Mouth Guard: Wal-Mart $2 or SISU $25-30

Elbow, Wrist & Knee pads: S1, Triple 8, Scabs, 187; Elbow/Wrist $20-$30/set, Knee pads $50+/pair

Skates: $150+ Riedell, Bont, Antik, Suregrip (calf-length or ankle high, lace or Velcro, leather or vinyl). Some "freshmeat" packages offer all of these things as a package deal. They are usually a decent starter kit.

Wheels & Toe Stops: Sometimes they come with the skates, or you can order separate. Gumballs are a great starter toe stop.

1. Spinning Wheels, Ogden, IA




Derby 101.jpg


If you don't have any skating experience, don't worry, we'll teach you. Inexperienced skaters will undergo a training period to learn the basics. After a set of skills is learned, there will be testing to verify you are able to advance. The goal is for every skater to be able to pass the WFTDA Minimum Skills Test. Then you can move onto the fun stuff - scrimmages & hitting drills! Below is a list of some of the basics.

Basic Skating Skills: Forward Skating, Plow Stops, Skating on one foot, Crossovers (both directions).

Endurance Skills: Skating 27 laps in 5 minutes on a derby track, Recovery from falls to resume skating.

Basic Derby Skills: Falls (single knee, double knee & 4point), Stops (T-stop, Plow Stop, turn-around toe stops), lateral motion, jumps, proper derby form (squat-like stance), pack skating (skating in close proximity w/ teammates).