The Ames Roller Derby League consists of one team the Skunk River Riot, which is a registered not-for-profit 501c3 organization. We hope to have more teams in the future!



The mission and purpose of the Ames Roller Derby Association is to:

(1) Facilitate and promote the development and continuation of the roller derby sport within and around the Ames community.

(2) Create a community and space where people of diverse backgrounds feel empowered, affirmed, and accepted.


Email: amesrda (at sign) gmail (dot) com

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Our league benefits both the team and our surrounding community by:

(1) Creating a community of players where people can gain positive self-development skills including team-building skills, the ability to try out something new, relationship-building, a sense of challenge, and increased social interaction.

(2) Contributing to the development of healthy communities by offering a space where people can improve the physical aspects of their health including improved strength, balance, and endurance and also the mental aspects of their health including increased self-confidence, self-love, enjoyment, and fun; developing and sustaining a positive body image; developing a sense of belonging; and stress relief

(3) Giving back to the community by creating family-friendly events through our bouts



Intensitee Inc.

Screen printing, embroidery, and graphic design. Located in Boone, Iowa


Big Sky Entertainment

Professional music and sound services.

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Bruised Boutique

Skate shop located in Nashua, New Hampshire.


Skate Ratz

Skate shop located in Loveland, Colorado.

skate ratz.png