You must be 18+ and have proof of health insurance. People of all genders (cisgender, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, etc.) are welcome and encouraged to join our team. You don’t have to live in Ames to join. We have team members come from all over Iowa to play with us!

There are a few different positions you can join: skaters, referees, or non-skating officials (NSOs). The skaters make up the bulk of the team and include the various positions including jammers, blockers, and pivot. You’ll figure out your position once you join! Referees are on skates and are also needed! The non-skating officials do things during the bouts including: scorekeeper, penalty tracker, penalty timing official, scoreboard operator, and jam timer. Check out the different descriptions for referees and NSOs here!


Derby takes time and commitment. Skating members are encouraged to attend 75% of events and practices, and non-skating members are encouraged to attend 50% of events and practices.

We play anywhere from 2-5 bouts a season. The bouts are at home in Boone, IA and we also travel to play other teams throughout Iowa or those on the bordering states.

In addition to practices and bouts, we encourage members to lead or join one of the team committees or hold a seat on the Board of Directors. The committees and positions have varying time commitments, yet they are all needed to help our team run!


Free 2 Week Trial: This is for new skaters only. Try out derby to see if it is for you!

$35/month Skater Fees: For all skating members.

$5 Drop-In Fee: For visiting or non-member skaters, which includes alumni.

$80/year: WFTDA Insurance Skaters must purchase individual insurance in addition to having their own health insurance.



No gear? That's okay! We have a limited amount of used gear in a range of sizes that you can use. An experienced player can help you gear up on your first day! We suggest waiting until after your two-week trial before purchasing any gear so that way you can get guidance from our experienced players. 

Like all sports, there is a range of quality and price points for the gear you need to wear. During practice and bouts you need to wear: a helmet, mouth guard, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and skates with toe stops. Below are some of the brands we recommend and a general price range for the different products.

Helmet: brands - S1 or Triple 8 / $30 - $50

Mouth Guard: Retailers such as Wal-Mart or SISU / $2 - $30

Elbow, Wrist and Knee Pads: S1, Triple 8, Smith Scabs Safety Gear, 187 Killer Pads / $20 - $50 pair

Skates: Riedell, Bont, Antik, and Suregrip / $150+

Wheels & Toe Stops: Sometimes they come with the skates, or you can order these separate. Gumballs are a great toe stop brand to start with.

Sometimes there are "fresh meat packages,” which include all of the required gear in one price. Skates can often times come pre-assembled, or if you want to have more choices, you can pick and choose the parts including the boots, plates, trucks, wheels, and toe stops.

You can buy online at Skate Ratz, Bruised Boutiqe, or Derby Warehouse. Alternatively, you can ask the owners of Spinning Wheels in Ogden, IA, which is where we practice!


If you have little to no skating experience, that’s okay, we'll teach you! Inexperienced skaters will undergo a training period to learn basic skating skills. Lots of people have joined without having ever skated before. Our goal is for every skater to be able to pass the WFTDA Minimum Skills test. Once you pass the test, you can play in the bouts against other teams. Everyone takes a different amount of time to get there. The more you come and practice, the faster you’ll get there!

Basic Skating Skills: Forward skating, plow stops, skating on one foot, crossovers in both directions

Endurance Skills: Skating 27 laps in 5 minutes on a derby track. Recovery from falls and then resuming to skate.

Basic Derby Skills: Falls including single knee, double knee & 4-point; stops including T-stop, plow stop, and turn-around toe stops; lateral motion; jumps; proper derby form or the squat-like stance; pack skating, which is skating in close proximity with teammates.

Send us a Facebook message on our official Ames Roller Derby Association page and let us know you are interested! We will let you know when the next practice is and can answer any of your questions prior to coming!