The objectives of roller derby are to 1) score the most points and 2) prevent the other team from scoring.

A bout consists of two 30 minute periods, each of which can contain an unlimited number of jams. Jams range in length from 20 seconds to the maximum amount of time 2 minutes. 

Two teams play in a bout. During the bout, each team is allowed five players on the track: four blockers and one jammer.  The jammer wears a helmut covering with a star on it and is the only skater that is able to score points. The blockers play offense and defense simultaneously. The eight blockers comprised of both team members’ blockers form the pack. The blockers are responsible for blocking the opposing jammer while at the same time clearing a path for their own jammer to skate through the pack. 

On the first lap, the jammers score no points but are battling for the coveted status of lead jammer.  The first jammer to legally clear the pack is granted lead jammer status and is given the right to strategically end the jam before the full 2 minutes has passed.

After jammers complete their first lap, they begin scoring one point for skater they pass on the opposing team.  A jammer can score a maximum of 5 points per lap.

At any point during the jam, a skater may be sent to the penalty box for the following:

  • Blocking with the hands, forearms, elbows, or head

  • Tripping or kicking another skater

  • Blocking a skater to the head or back

  • Skating out of bounds to better their position on the track 

You can read all about the rules here!

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